Social life drives happiness.
Power yours up.



Wherever, whenever - aspiring encounters are just around the corner. Carom is a social app designed to make these connections happen through a selection of unique experiences with like-minded people.  

Looking to expand your horizons, create new social ties, socialize with alumni, or network with industry peers? Open up countless opportunities with just one touch on your phone. More than an app, Carom is a way of life.  

A way back to meaningful and spontaneous connections in real life, a way back into an organic and authentic social life. 

The future is human

At Carom, we believe humanity's future depends on real-life meaningful connections with others. We see social interactions as the primary source of inspiration and fulfillment. 

Curiosity and discovery

It's the celebration of an endless source of energy and ideas. A world where transformation, creation, and magic happen.

Quality over quantity

In a world of abundance, curation helps us navigate the noise and reach the meaningful. Thanks to our authentic community with shared interests, Carom is designed to build strong connections.

We are a facilitator

We open up a world of opportunities to fulfill your social aspirations at any stage of your life. We help you socialize your way.